Just trying to keep everything in perspective.

All around me are the joys, and indulgences, of Christmas.

I’d been in the going-to-China bubble when my friend Connie called to offer a ride to the Holiday Fashion luncheon. Oh my!! (I’d forgotten).
I barely had time to get dressed before she arrived.

As it turned out, the other guests were, for the most part, way more bling-ed out than the ethnic necklace I’d quickly grabbed. Oops!!

The health/social club venue was decorated with props from the ballet’s past Nutcracker performances and the lobby was filled with a fashion/ jewelry bazzar from local artisans.
However, the quick transition from being immersed in life and death issues to this holiday indulgence left me slightly disoriented.
I watched as a friend of a friend tried on a gorgeous shiny necklace.
I couldn’t help but think, wait, what if she spent the money she was about to lay down on women’s health issues instead?
I needed to get a grip and become present.

After all….
Aren’t breasts the ultimate accessory?
(The later fashion show confirmed this importance).

A woman’s desire to embrace her femininity should be celebrated.
I realized by going to China I was going to miss dressing up and attending some of my favorite parties this year.

I couldn’t help but think about the same comment so many women I’ve worked with trying to save their breasts have told me, that mentioning the desire to save their breast to a medical professional was often treated as if a sin had been committed! After all, life saving procedures exist……..

But breast CONSERVING procedures also exist……!

After the luncheon, a woman I knew from the art world introduced me to one of the local medical school’s top oncologists. Both were interested in my project, but gave me the line I seem to always get:
“What? Freezing? How come I’ve never heard about this?”
How come indeed….
Oh Fe….
I hope we can change that!

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