How freezing my breast saved my breast.

They’re Mine and I’m keeping them is a story of innovation, courage, and triumph. Laura Ross-Paul decided to keep her breast after being diagnosed with breast cancer and facing a mastectomy. She tells the story of how she bucked the system, found a doctor whose advanced skill in the field of tumor freezing, cryo-ablation, and ultimately saved her breast. The success of their collaboration makes breast conservation a realistic outcome of breast cancer treatment.

It is the authors’ desire that telling this story will make others aware that freezing a breast can save a breast.

Laura Ross-Paul

By Laura Ross-Paul, Alex Paul, and Dr. Peter Littrup, MD

They’re Mine and I’m Keeping Them

Cryoablation for Breast Cancer

They’re Mine and I’m Keeping Them is a story of innovation, courage, and triumph. Laura Ross-Paul is a well-known Northwest painter. A breast cancer diagnosis in 2003 left her with a mastectomy as her only medical option. Her artist’s appreciation of the human form’s beauty instilled a desire to keep her breast and treat her cancer if it was safe and medically possible.


Looking for more detailed information about cryoablation?

Breast tumor cryoablation is an outpatient, minimally invasive percutaneous procedure that has already emerged as a substitute for surgery for early stage invasive breast cancer. In addition to reducing the morbidity, psychosocial and cosmetic impact of breast cancer therapy, this office-based procedure performed under local anesthesia also reduces the burden on the healthcare system by eliminating the need for an operating theater, an anesthesiologist and surgical team, and many personal protective devices, which are very important considerations during a national pandemic.

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Learn where to find Laura’s book on cryo-ablation and read about her journey through breast cancer and life after cryo-ablation and subsequent treatment.

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View Laura’s paintings, which channel her experiences with breast cancer, and how it helped her cope and heal during her treatments and beyond.


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“In March of 2010 I had cryosurgery for stage 2 breast cancer…. It is fast, not very painful and non-mutilating.”
—Mary Libal

“I’m very grateful to have had the chance to be the brilliant Dr. Peter Littrup’s first patient to have my breast cancer frozen with his triple-probe, double-freeze, cryoablation method in 2003…”
—Laura Ross-Paul

“… At my five year anniversary (of cryosurgery) I am still cancer free and I still have my breasts!”
—Heather Hines

“Fuda Cancer Hospital’s medical technique has brilliant technology that no part in the Medical world is offering to me as a breast cancer patient… a painless, worry free treatment. I am very hopeful I’ll walk out of this hospital ‘Cancer Free’.”
—Fe Juan Zahorodniuk

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