How freezing my breast saved my breast.

They’re Mine and I’m keeping them is a story of innovation, courage, and triumph. Laura Ross-Paul decided to keep her breast after being diagnosed with breast cancer and facing a mastectomy. She tells the story of how she bucked the system, found a doctor whose advanced skill in the field of tumor freezing, cryo-ablation, and ultimately saved her breast. The success of their collaboration makes breast conservation a realistic outcome of breast cancer treatment.

It is the authors’ desire that telling this story will make others aware that freezing a breast can save a breast.

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“In March of 2010 I had cryosurgery for stage 2 breast cancer.
…It is fast, not very painful and non-mutilating.”Mary Libal

“I’m very grateful to have had the chance to be the brilliant Dr. Peter Littrup’s first patient to have my breast cancer frozen with his triple-probe, double-freeze, cryo-ablation method in 2003…”Laura Ross-Paul

“… At my five year anniversary (of cryosurgery) I am still cancer free and I still have my breasts!”Heather Hines

“Fuda Cancer Hospital’s medical technique has brillant technology that no part in the Medical world is offering to me as a breast cancer patient… a painless, worry free treatment. I am very hopeful I’ll walk out of this hospital “Cancer Free”.”Fe Juan Zahorodniuk

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