Fe’s husband David has bee wanting to write a post ever since her unexpected death last fall. Understandably he was unable to right away but has now felt the time is right and has given me a wonderful post to add . I’ll post it now with one of my own soon to follow:
Update: First of all I apologize for the overdue nature of this update. I have been having a rough go and this got left in the back of my mind when it really shouldn’t have. I’m so grateful for all the support we have received and again I am sorry for the delay.

Regrettably on November 13, 2014 Fe passed away from her Cancer. Fe was scheduled to return to Fuda in October however Tumors growing around and on the Pancreas had put her in too weak of a condition to travel.

In Canada we wanted to do local regional Hypothermia but she was too weak to even travel the four hours to receive it. I would like to use this as an opportunity to thank Dr. Matthew Pyatt in Calgary, Alberta for his willingness to fit her in to his schedule despite being fully booked. The doctor was willing but Fe was too weak to travel. Based on reviews of the clinic and talking with him Fe would have been in very good hands!

Regretably Fe’s Canadian Oncolgist had dumped her as a patient on the basis that previous Canadian protocols had not been followed ( Full scale Chemotherapy, Tamoxifen, etc. ). Fe’s request to receive TDM1 Chemotherapy in Canada was denied based on her unwillingness to try Canadian protocols. We were hoping TDM1 would have bought her time and reduced the Tumors to a point where she would be able to travel. It was not meant to be.

On November 12, 2014 we had a skype appointment with Dr. Mark Rosenberg from Florida and we were looking forward to doing treatments in Canada under his guidance. It was our hope that these treatments would make her strong enough to travel to Florida to receive full Cancer treatments. We were hoping that by combining both Dr. Rosenberg’s innovative therapies and Fudas condiderable skill with Cryosurgery that Fe could have lived a somewhat normal life with cancer. Thats was the goal, to have her live with Cancer as a chronic disease instead of a fatal one. Unfortunatly we were too late.

I would like to thank Fuda for working as hard as they did to achieve their goal which is to extend life and quality of life. Fe loved the doctors at Fuda and was impressed with their knowledge, passion, and skill. Fuda helped to make the last couple years of her life comfortable and in fact during this time most people could not tell she even had Cancer. At one point in 2013 she had managed to get rid of her Bone, Breast, Liver, Lymph Node Cancer to the point where the Canadian Pet Scan showed her as being pretty much Cancer Free! I have my serious doubts that Canadian Cancer Protocols could have achieved this level of success however I am not a Oncologist so I am just basing this off of my general knowledge. This is not at all to imply that you should not listen to your Oncolgist.

A special Thank You to Laura for travelling to China with Fe to cover her story. Her passion to bring Crosurgery awareness to woman truly speaks to what an amazing person she is.

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for Fe. Without you none of this would have been possible. For all the sadness in the world it is so heartening that there are people out there who care!