Hello and Merry Christmas to my wonderful Donors-

The bags are still being unpacked and Christmas is about to happen, but I wanted to get this quick note off to our generous donors who helped get Louie and I to Fuda Hospital in Guangzhou China.

We had an amazing trip which reached well beyond our expectations with what we discovered and we pledge we will do our best to spread the information to the world.

Using Fe, the brave woman I went to help nurse during treatment, as our focus, we studied the approach to treating late stage cancer to see why Fuda’s methods are so successful. Then, we attended a conference at Fuda which featured the world’s leading experts regarding the latest developments in cancer treatment using cryoablation and related modalities.

I now have complete confidence in recommending Fuda when women ask through our website where to get cryoablation treatment for breast cancer.

Louie is editing his film footage for u-tube. I’ll notify you when it can be seen at keepingthem.com so you can be the first to see it! I

If you go to my blog at keepingthem.com, check out the picture of Fe and the happy look on her face. She is now done with her cryoablation and is receiving radiation and blood immune therapy. She arrived at Fuda with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and will soon be discharged with cancer in remission and… her breasts!

While her advanced stage treatment was very expensive to pay out of pocket, over $100,000, we discovered that cryoablation for simpler, early stage breast cancer costs approximately $10,000. Truly a Christmas miracle! Merry Christmas!!
Laura (Lori), Louie and Alex Paul

Your contribution has made a big difference in our effort to get positive change in the US by spreading information regarding this amazing cancer cure.