I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today. So much to get done!!
I didn’t get off the computer until eleven last night….
Was smart enough to start the day at yoga which usually screws my head on straight. Afterwards my friend and her daughter offered to by me some tea. Noticing my condition, they offered to help in anyway I needed it. Another friend happened to arrive by chance and she also offered assistance. Their total sincerity in the offer led me to accept. So tomorrow Paula and Elizabeth and Gail will be arriving in the afternoon to do things like package up some cards I had made of my artwork to take as gifts, and even make sure my bag is properly packed.
Big sigh.
I guess it’s these kind of heart connections that is my motivation in the first place.
Luckily,”lucky” Louie, my son and partner of all things China, offered to come over for some technical assistance on the computer…..(bless him)…
So our second “ask” is off, a big “Count Down to China list has been made..

Now it’s on to getting the phone to work in China…
Note: I posted this all myself without help