In Route #1
A most auspicious day to travel…..
We are sitting in the TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal) at LAX, waiting for the plane to Guangzhou China.
In seven years of keeping up a website and answering all inquiries about cryoablation to treat breast cancer, this is the first time a woman has actually decided to go to Fuda Hospital in Gaungzhou and certainly the first time I have been asked along to document the story. When I first accepted I had no idea the pioneer doctor that had treated me in Detroit ten years ago, allowing me to save my breast and most probably get an immunity to my disease, had any association with Fuda. Now I find he will be attending an international conference there at the same time . What are the odds of that???

Last night I had a dream that I was with Louie flying on a big polished cloud over darkened peaceful waters, high above the earth. Louie is sitting next to me now in the terminal, working on getting his first video blog he hopes to post before we take off. We are trying to put together a story that will give other women following in our footsteps, a very good idea as to what to expect. For someone really wanting to go this route, right now Fuda is the only good option. The reality is that western women will only be comfortable when they see through a western perspective. We hope to give them that.