Louie and I are meeting and brainstorming on the best way to share all the information we learned at Fuda. We’ve decided that we’ll add video’s for each day of the trip. Then we’ll do a focused video of Fe’s story, then a “what to expect if you go” video.
Here is a simple summation:
While the traditional treatments of surgery, radiation and chemo can work for about 20% of early stage, early detected cancers, around 8o% already have some kind of a metastasis when they are first discovered. To quote Fuda literature: “Long term survival with cancer is feasible. The current understanding of cancer treatment has led to the change from the concept of ‘total elimination of all cancer cells at all cost’ to the process of effective desease control or basic control of desease development; from total’confrontation till the end’ to ‘peaceful coexistence’ with cancer”.

To do this several very admirable approaches are used:

-Educate the patient through understandable literature:

Fuda has published a book, “Nothing but the Truth”, written by it’s director Kecheng Xu plus numerous pamphlets and brochures.This literature educates the patient on what Fuda’s experience as been to achieve the best results. The also hold bi-weekly ward meetings on cancer subjects. Everything is done to support a positive”you can fight this and succeed” attitude.

-Personalized treatments and therapies are used, such as cryablation, that support the immune system

-The patient is kept informed and involved at each stag of treatment.

-Traditional Chinese medicine is incorporated where it is determined it will be effective.