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Finally…..after 10 years…….our book is available! Here’s Lori’s post!

The story about my using cryoablation (freezing) to kill my breast cancer, avoid a mastectomy and get an immunity to my cancer.
Woven together expertly by my wonderful writer husband Alex, this book uses my journals written in real time, his insights and reflections, our innovating physician Dr. Peter Littrup’s own amazing story and what has happened since our ground breaking adventure together. It includes a section of my recent trips to China’s Fuda Hospital, the epicenter of where these techniques are being most fully embraced.
Below is the press release and link to the website on Amazon

Now available from in Kindle or paperback, They’re Mine and I’m Keeping Them, or How Freezing my Breast Saved my Breast.
“My breast cancer diagnosis in 2001 came 35 years after my mother died of the same disease.  Those 35 years turned me into a warrior: I was determined that if I got the same diagnosis, I would not merely survive cancer, I would defeat it.

I rejected a disfiguring mastectomy and used cryoablation, freezing a tumor, to save my breast. Cryoablation killed the cancer and stimulated an immune response. When a tumor is frozen, it can no longer hide its DNA structure, which allows the immune system to recognize the cancer as a foreign body and develop antibodies to the cancer, if the immune system is strong and robust.

Cryoablation is very inexpensive compared to a mastectomy, yet it is not available for breast cancer treatment in the U.S., though it has been used in other parts of the world to treat thousands of women. Bucking conventional medical practices to secure cryoablation treatment was like walking through a mine field. My husband, Alex, and I decided to write this book with Dr. Peter Littrup, the doctor and medical innovator who performed the cryoablation, to help others get this treatment.

We challenge American doctors to join the fight in this new frontier.  I risked my survival to save my breast, knowing that success would mark a milestone in the war against breast cancer.  Being cancer free 11 years later proves me victorious!
I spoke recently about my experience at the 3rd Annual Cryoablation and Stem Cell Research Cancer Conference in Guangzhou, China. Clinical evidence presented there proves cryoablation to be an effective alternative to a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

We invite you to read our story and join us in the fight to discover and demand better treatment options for women with breast cancer.”

Visit where you can find links to Laura’s speech and more information regarding cryoablation treatment of breast cancer.

There will be a book signing event at Froelick Gallery, 714 NW Davis St., Portland, OR on Wednesday, November 19th, from 6:00 – 7:30 pm
And here’s the link to the book on Amazon: