Dr. Peter Littrup

Dr. Peter J. Littrup, M.D.
Professor of Radiology, Urology & Radiation Oncology Clinical Operations
Barbara Ann KARMANOS Cancer Institute

Peter Littrup’s medical career has been dedicated to improved cancer diagnosis and image-guided treatments. His current areas of research include development of breast ultrasound tomography and it’s potential for non-invasive breast cancer treatments via drug delivery and focused ultrasound ablation. He’s currently developing image-guided treatment programs focusing on cryotherapy, due to extensive experience with freezing treatments for nearly any anatomic location. Beginning with prostate cancer, his cryotherapy work now extends to many organ sites and cancer types. One of the founders of American Cancer Society’s National Prostate Cancer Detection Project, he is a leading authority on prostate cancer early detection using prostate specific antigen (PSA) and ultrasound. One of the early Radiology Society of North America Research Fellows, he was first to observe laser/microwave tissue ablation in the prostate by ultrasound and MRI. He translated this work with ablation imaging and cancer screening to come full circle with his current work in cryotherapy, breast ultrasound tomography and focused ultrasound. Littrups CV includes over 60 publications, 4 patents and multiple research grants. Littrup received his B.S. (1980) and M.D. (1985) from The University of Michigan, and completed a Fellowship in Prostatic Ultrasound (1987) at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, U of M.